This online CSA/Market is open and accepting orders from Tuesday morning through Friday morning at 8am, every week, 52 weeks a year. If interested in becoming a member, call 270.349.9392 or simply create an account and place an order, thank you!

Here at Beechmont Farms, we believe that many of the problems we, as a society, face today can be solved by supporting a locally based, nutrient rich food system approach. Not only does promoting the consumption of fresh local foods create a healthy community, but it also supports a healthy local economy through increased employment opportunity, local tax revenue, education, and community awareness.

Beechmont Farms and Market is dedicated to providing our community with the highest quality, freshest local produce, pasture raised meats and value-added products available. We are building a loyal customer base that strongly supports our business philosophy, our collaboration with area farms, and the sustainable growing practices we are committed to. We will use local farmers markets, a community supported agriculture model and, eventually, a retail marketplace that will feature mostly Kentucky products to further develop this following. Our future marketplace will not only provide a convenient location for our customers to find the local items they desire but will also serve as a showcase for the talented farmers and artisans our community so depends on.

In addition, we want Beechmont Farms to be synonymous with community outreach by supporting disadvantaged families in our area to gain access to fresh, healthy, affordable food. We will be actively involved in coordinating programs that teach individuals and families how to grow and maintain their own vegetable gardens. Furthermore, we will provide generous support to local food pantries and hunger programs, in times of surplus. This will help to increase the access to healthy foods for the people who need it the most. Here at Beechmont Farms, we realize that we will only be as successful as the community around us and so it is imperative that together, we start building a better tomorrow, today.

In May, 2014 we launched a CSA (or Buyer’s Club). We will offer a small group of families the opportunity to join our buyer’s club and be first in line for the bountiful harvests throughout the year. We will provide our members with the freshest local foods available. In addition to the many items we will be producing ourselves, we are partnering with area farms to round out the offering. This offering will include local pastured meats and eggs, Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, Au Naturel Farm products, JD’s milk and many other wonderful items that our partner farms will have available throughout the year.